Leking Wellness Co.,Ltd. also know as Anhui Saunaking Co.,Ltd. has bought Shenzhen Josen company, Shanghai LITEC company, Shenzhen Forest company, Shanghai Ruiyu company etc since its transformation into One Health industry in 2012. From focusing on sauna manufacturing to eventually becoming a integrated health platform that providing wellness service production, supplying and sales nation wide, Leking Wellness has been moving towards the leadership of domestic One Health industry.

For many years, Leking Wellness take the One Health opportunity to focus on One Health industry development and integration of health resources, human resources through share rights investment, acquisition and finance investment etc.  In the wake of the efforts, Leking Wellness has stepped in biological treatment, stem cell etc which are high value-added, technical barrier and sustainable. Also, Leking Wellness invested in Anhui Zhong Sheng Su Yuan biological technology company and signed cooperation contract with Massachusetts General Hospital(MGH). The movements accelerated human resources construction, high-end medical technology application and made tremendous foundation for Leking Wellness's deployment in biological area and accurate medical area.

July 2016, Leking Wellness launched its Leking Wellness commercial chain stores which provides home wellness system solutions and services on the basis of not only far infrared treatment products, air purifier, massage chair, mini massager and fitness but also health related appliance, health food, health testing and health services in a affordable membership price that allow people to enjoy a coordinated process of health testing, prevention treatment of disease, health maintain and accurate medical treatment.

Leking Wellness will establish Leking wellness chain platform nation wide in the near future, bringing health benefits to people. Meanwhile, Leking Wellness will integrate more health resources and expand its One Health products structure and deployment continuously.

Since its inception, LeKing Wellness has been on the move.
In 1995, LeKing Wellness set out with the goal of finding ways to improve home health issues. From 1996 to 2010, LeKing
Wellness grew rapidly through the efforts of its dedicated and extraordinary workforce in producing sound products and
bringing them to market.

In 2009, the company has the name Anhui Saunaking Co.,Ltd.
In 2011, LeKing Wellness was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange under Stock Code Number 300247.
In 2012, LeKing Wellness wholly acquired Germany’s top brand sauna company, Saunalux, and thus established a firm
foundation presence overseas.
In 2013, LeKing Wellness acquired a Medical Device Production License issued by the China Food and Drug
Administration, thus allowing LeKing Wellness to enter the medical industry area.
And in 2014, LeKing Wellness acquired Shenzhen Josen Sauna Co.,Ltd., another leading production company within the
sauna industry.
In addition in 2014, the acquisition of the Registration Certificate for a Medical Device firmly indicates the support of the
Chinese government to LeKing Wellness. With this, LeKing Wellness has raised its core competition progressively and has
positively contributed to further developments within the medical health field.
In 2015,LeKing Wellness acquired Golden Designs, Inc., a U.S.A. established company. This was a massive step to gain
substantial market share within the North America market. Lastly and also in 2015, the acquisition of Shanghai LITEC
Company has made LeKing Wellness’s home health system even better.

In March 2016 ,To better fulfill our development strategy which deepen our health structure, we established wholly-owned subsidiary- Anhui Leking Wellness Investment and Management Company. The company increase financing ability, core competition ability through integration ability through funds operations, share rights investment and acquisition etc.

In March 2016, Became a shareholder of Anhui Zhong Sheng Su Yuan Biology Technic Company, step in stem cells research which are high value added and high technology barrier.

In July 2016, The acquisition of Shanghai Ruiyu Fitness company and Shenzhen Forrest company acquired the unconditional approval from the 55th acquisition committee in 2016, which marked the milestone that our products has expanded to mini massagers. Meanwhile, Leking Wellness will take its own advantages in far infrared treatment, sales channels, brands and scale to coordinate technology sharing so that products research period can be reduced. 

The acquisition of Shanghai Ruiyu Fitness company is to use its sales channels online and offline also know as O2O that lasting for decades to benefits each party involved.

In July 2016,  Leking wellness signed cooperation contract with Massachusetts General Hospital(MGH), accelerating the human resources construction, high-end medical technology application.

In August 2016, Leking wellness became a shareholder of Hefei Yinglian Technology company. This movement played an important role in establishing all health information platform based on individual electronic  health files. More importantly, it made the foundation for Leking wellness's plan to build new health service model and take advantage access to new health service style.