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Leking Wellness Co., Ltd. born in 1995, has formed family wellness treatments, environmental cleanup, and other family health partner leads to a diversified product structure. Products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Middle East. Leking Wellness use its own brand and technological content, combined with the global market demand in different regions, to transfer healthy living concept to the world, providing system solutions for home health.

Currently, Leking Wellness has four production bases in Hefei, Wuhu, Guangzhou and Germany, 22 offices in China, production and sales are in the lead in domestic market.

April 2010, the company and the Chinese Academy of Sciences built a far-infrared Health Promotion Research Center, to do product upgrades in a more scientific and rational manner, to promote health with a variety of treatments regimen.

In 2013, Leking Wellness and Hefei University of Technology built Home Health Research Center, increase the development and research of new healthy products. The Center recruit Dr. Jiang Yi Wu, professor of Information Engineering, National Taiwan University and professor of Motor science, Northwestern University, as chief scientist, which provide the foundation of Leking Home Research and Intellect Health Living Mall.

And in 2014, Saunaking acquired Shenzhen Josen Sauna Co.,Ltd., another leading production company within the sauna industry.

In addition in 2014, the acquisition of the Registration Certificate for a Medical Device firmly indicates the support of the Chinese government to Saunaking. With this, Saunaking has raised its core competition progressively and has positively contributed to further developments within the medical health field.

In 2015, Saunaking acquired Golden Designs, Inc., a U.S.A. established company.  This was a massive step to gain substantial market share within the North America market.  The acquisition of LITEC Co.,Ltd. Has made Leking home health system even better.

From many years of development and expansion, Leking products have passed domestic and international certification including GS of Germany, CE of European Union, ETL of North America, SASO of Saudi Arabia, SAA of Australia, etc.  Leking has been substantial in its prospective industries and will continue to innovate the consumer home market.

According to statistics, by the end of 2014, 70% of total population are in sub-health state; there are 97 million diabetics; there are 250 million patients with hypertension; cardiovascular disease deaths accounted for 54% of the population death toll; one person dies of cancer in every 15 seconds ; China's health situation is not optimistic. According to statistics, by 2020 the total amount of China's health services will be more than 8 trillion yuan (Source: Securities Times Online). Facing such a huge market and opportunity, Leking Wellness is willing to cooperate with our partners to achieve what we hope for.

Today, Leking Wellness bringing its diversified products, reasonable price, brand credit and technology research, showed the world the ambitious to march in global markets and the willing to keep long term relationship with our wholesales around the world.

Tomorrow, Leking wellness will surely gather more wise man who is dedicated in health field to develop the huge market. I believe that, under the endeavor from all of us, Leking Wellness will be a famous health brand in the near future.