Leking Wellness which roots in wellness industry, has been moving forward to other health related products, multiple and finned products structure, forming health environment, health food, health treatment and health preservation product series through the integration of air, water, sleep, treatment and massage, covering every aspects of family health living.

Leking Wellness will continuously increase research investment and technology accumulating, accelerates upgrading, integration of resources, complete company system and promote company value through acquisition, share participating etc and finally become home wellness system solution supplier for Chinese families. After years of development, Leking wellness has been a chief company that covers health care, aged caring, health and biological medical industry. Production line, commercial chain and consumer group are all growing stronger.

Besides, Leking Wellness has already made considerable investment in stem cell biological technology, particularly in leading position in high-end human resources and biological technology platform construction, which are supposed to complete One Health industry and provide foundation for Leking Wellness's sustainable development.