1 Responsibility

Create value for customer, Create future for employee, Create benefits for shareholder

Leking Wellness is a company with responsibilities, under which Leking Wellness creates benefits and rooms for development of our employees, creates values for our customers through professional services, creates bigger benefits for our shareholders and creates endeavor for tax revenues, for environment optimization, for creating jobs and for the development of our society.

2 Corporation Vision

 Home health service, build world famous health brand

Corporation vision is the goal set by ourselves, which is also the motivation for us to move. Leking Wellness will fully use the advantages of brand and technology to build a world famous health brand.

3 Corporation Spirit

Unity, Pragmatic, Efficient and Innovative

Unity—— United to help all
Pragmatic——Pursuit of practical results
Efficient —— React quickly
Innovative——Dare to try and develop technology

4 Human Resource

Have both ability and political integrity

Give full scope to the talents

Result oriented

Continuous learning

5 Brand Concept

Focus on home health solutions

●  Sauna effectiveness promotion before 2011.
●  After the listing on stock exchange in 2011, health regimen stock were built.
● In 2012, the first term global sauna health tour was launched, focused on health regimen.
●  In March 2013, press conference of Leking Wellness National therapy launched, Treating potential diseases brand culture officially determined.
●  July 2013, complete Treating potential diseases brand concept.
●  October 2013, actor Wang Shi Huai was recruited as brand spokesperson and broadcast in CCTV, satellite tv, TV shopping channel. Our brand is quickly promoted.

6 Operation

Integrity priority, Market oriented, Steady development

Leking Wellness take cautious, steady, safe and positive investment and financing principle and keep fluent cash flow. We achieve win-win situation for our investors, partners and customers based on the demand of market and integrity management.

7 Innovation

Innovation is the life of a company.

Innovation is the soul of a nation, is the source of enterprise development. For enterprises, if there is no innovation, there is no development. 

8 Quality

High standard, refine, zero defect


Customer interests priority, the details determine success or failure

10 Market

●  Un-developed market is potential market

●  Markets need to be nurtured, and customers need to be guided.

●  Customer demand is our pursuit