Leking Wellness Chain Store(Now known as Leking Wellness family health product•Service chain) is a subsidiary of Leking Wellness Co.,Ltd., responsible for Leking wellness family health product and health service program operation.

Integration of resources:

In 2011, Saunaking was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange under Stock Code Number 300247.  

In 2012, Saunaking wholly acquired Germany’s top brand sauna company, Saunalux, and thus established a firm foundation presence overseas.

And in 2014, Saunaking acquired Shenzhen Josen Sauna Co.,Ltd., another leading production company within the sauna industry.

In addition in 2014, the acquisition of the Registration Certificate for a Medical Device firmly indicates the support of the Chinese government to Saunaking. With this, Saunaking has raised its core competition progressively and has positively contributed to further developments within the medical health field. 

In 2015, Saunaking acquired Golden Designs, Inc., a U.S.A. established company.  This was a massive step to gain substantial market share within the North America market.  

And also in 2015, the acquisition of Shanghai LITEC Company has made Saunaking’s home health system even better.

In 2016,  Leking wellness has deepened its cooperation with health related fields, constructed health products, health food, health testing and health management and finally terminal chain store are launched.

The management idea of social responsibility:

To create high-quality low price family healthy lifestyle, advocating better and more comprehensive for the general public services as Leking wellness health chain business philosophy.

With the responsibility to introduce home health system solutions to all families and serve ordinary people with health service, Leking wellness set a goal to enable each of the families in China use Leking Wellness product and service in 2 years, under the principle that making price and value return to its nature.

From one site to all of the country:

Leking Wellness has selected Beijing, Shanghai, Hefei, Wenzhou, Weifang as the first sites and eventually marched to big cities, capital cities and medium wealthy cities. Hopefully with 2-3 years, it will benefit all the families around China.