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 Dongzhi Road store:A119 Dongzhi Road(300m south of the cross between Huangshan road and Dongzhi road)

    Tel: 0551-65688563     15920188719

Tec University Garden store:104 18# Wenqing building Tec University( Cross of Tongcheng road and shuiyangjiang road, Southwest)

    Tel: 0551-65561380    15920188719

Wanghu city store:No. 107 business street Yuegui Yuan Wanghu city( No.816 wanghu west road)

    Tel: 0551-65328177    15920188719

Changfeng store: 2nd floor, Rizhihui supermarket, room 101 3rd building of ligao gonghe city.  

   Tel: 15920188719                


Weifang store:Leking wellness chain store, -1 floor of Weifang yinzuo commercial city.


Wenzhou store: Leking wellness chain store, gate 2 of Wenzhou wanda, Zhejiang.